This is a therapeutic deep-dive for those who want to accelerate their understanding of their life’s challenges, experiences and what seems to hold them back from living the life they truly desire.

During this two-day process, we will enter a sacred space and embark on a profound journey to answer the question “what did my soul come here to learn?” We will begin with a full witnessing — with deep compassion — of your life history. Each detail — your first love, your relationships with family, partners and children — is expressed. You will see yourself and your life as never before. Using astrological charts and your story, Kiki will assist you in letting go of emotional pain and understanding the Divine purpose for the way your life has unfolded, allowing you to become your own healer.

The process culminates in a powerful Voice Dialogue session, where you will come into clear relationship with the most fundamental parts of yourself. As we bring the voices of the elements — water, air, earth and fire — into inner balance and alignment, you become a conscious and aware orchestrater of your own life. Once you have done that powerful work, we will focus practically on topics such as food, finances, diet, exercise, money and sex.

Next, we will develop an action plan and create a structure for actualizing lasting change in your life. The plan can include prayers, affirmations, and intentions to support sustained awareness of the identified core issues and needed behavior changes to support your deepened experience of living soulfully.

The intensive is a means to open your heart to yourself and reclaim the fullness of your life.

Kiki’s unique blend of psychotherapy and astrological wisdom will open the doorway to deeper acceptance and love for your unique core essence. Her gift is to reflect your true essence back to you and empower you to love yourself in totality, embracing your idiosyncrasies and personality traits that just don’t seem to go away. Through this process you will see that even those parts of you have a Divine purpose and function. Through the intensive process, you receive the gift of “loving yourself” which in turns radiates out into your relationships with your children, family, friends and community, creating harmony in human connection that is your birthright.

This service is performed in person, over two days, and costs $2500.  Please contact Kiki to schedule an Intensive experience.