Operation Starship: Who’s At The Helm?!

Six weeks ago I was invited to be the Resident Astrology Teacher for the Biz Woo School. My instant reaction was squealing delight! As I spoke with the creator of the school (or Head Sorceress, as she’s called), I felt honored, excited, and energized. She told me I would be teaching women entrepreneurs who wanted to “alchemize business strategy and spirituality” as part of a community that values “collaboration over competition.” This was music to my ears! “YES!” I said, with every cell in my body.

As I began to step into this arena, surrounded by energized women with strong online presence and social media brilliance, my old friend Fear began to speak. “Who do you think you are?” she asked. I began to feel myself getting smaller and beginning to hide, which showed up as avoidance of posting—on any of my numerous social media accounts—anything remotely promotional about this endeavor. The inner dialogue continued: Fear dominated with a long list of disasters that could ensue. Then Critic ranted at Fear for being self-absorbed and a baby and to just get on with it.

For many years, my Fear and Critic ran the show. And then I got to know my astrology chart, and I instantly understood the dynamic in a whole new way. Through the study of astrology I have learned how to make my nature work for me instead of against me.

Astrology has helped me to understand that there are many parts of myself operating at all times. Some of them get along fabulously and operate with ease and grace, and some of them…ugh. Some of those parts are mean, grumbly, scared, anxious, and resistant. Today I believe that they are all okay—necessary components of who I am and what I’m here to do on Earth, in this lifetime. But the one that I want driving my personal Starship (aka Body and Mind) is my Soul. Astrology gives me the power to recognize the parts that are limiting me, and awareness of what energies and behaviors to lean into in order to live a soulful life.

If you struggle with the same kinds of things and are wanting a new paradigm and set of skills (that are driven by self-compassion), come learn astrology with me! Right now there is a Masterclass Series being offered to introduce you my work as well as the work of 33 others amazing teachers. I offer individual readings, as well, and would love to help you learn how to make astrology work for you.  Follow the link to sign up! http://www.bizwooschool.com/masterclass/ref/9/

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  1. Kiki, this is such a perfect fit for your lovely Fire personality! So happy for you. I do understand that “frienemy” called Fear, or as the acronym FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real – states!!! Yes, you are right on – astrology helps to cut through all of that false evidence to shine a light on the TRUTH about yourself! Best wishes for great success as your grow into your True Self!!!!!

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