“Our life is lived in transformation.” -Rilke

While my work isn’t all of who I am, it is intricately woven within the fabric of my Being. From my earliest memories, I recall being a “people watcher” — drawn to the observation of human nature and relationship, wondering why we make the choices we do, why and how we grow (or don’t) and what the purpose is of the challenges we face. As my own journey of healing and self-discovery unfolded, my thirst for wisdom and understanding led me to earn multiple degrees in social work and to employment in the human services arena. And thus began a process for me that continues to this day: my life informs my work, and my work informs my life.

I received my master’s in clinical social work from the University of Denver in 2001 and was licensed in Colorado in 2003. I am currently licensed in Washington, and am located in West Seattle.

I have provided psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families in a variety of settings including: outpatient community mental health, managed care, and private practice.

I continue to expand my knowledge base and skill set through my deep commitment to continuing education trainings and personal growth experiences.

When I am not working, I deeply enjoy sharing time with my family, practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, singing kirtan and taking in the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.