“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” -Rumi

Kirsten Bailey Erickson | Seattle Integrative Psychotherapist
The therapeutic relationship between the therapist and client is a dynamic, living “organism”, and mindful attention to it, in a balanced way, is an important facet of the therapeutic process.

In regards to the therapeutic relationship, I believe in “structure with flexibility”, and tailor therapy based on what we discover in our beginning assessment phase of our relationship. Here are some principles that guide my healing practice:

  • The greatest growth occurs in the challenging, “messy” times.
  • As we grow in our ability to tolerate the discomfort triggered by the “mess”, we develop an ability appreciate the opportunities that lie within the difficulty. We grow in the fire of relationship.
  • Relationships trigger our deepest wounds and provide us with an opportunity to transform old pains and ways of relating that no longer work.
  • It is never too late to develop healthy, adult attachment relationships and to discover a greater depth of living, personal power and integrity.