Are you confused about your purpose in this life? Would you like more clarity about your career, relationships, finances, innate gifts/talents?

When we are clear about our purpose, our drive and motivations for daily life are more focused, and we experience a greater sense of peace. The problem is, our purpose gets skewed by what others expect of us or the unconscious beliefs we hold that keep us from living into the truth of who we are. This is where the gift of astrology comes in, giving us clear access to the promise you made when you came into this life.

Kiki’s years of experience as a psychotherapist combined with her astrological insight can help you go to the depths of your psyche while having the bird’s eye view of astrology to assist you in making powerful changes in your most authentic expression of you.

Session 1: What did I come here for?!

We will start with a natal chart reading to identify your purpose and the unique gifts and talents you possess as described by your soul’s blueprint. You will leave this session with a clear understanding of your life purpose and homework assignments to clarify and deepen your new awarenesses.

Session 2: What’s in my way and why can’t I get where I want to go?!

We will identify and quantify the blocks you experience to living your purpose. In this session, we will explore in depth how you get distracted or sabotage yourself. We will see, in full clarity, the patterns that have played for you in your lifetime that keep you from living a purpose-driven life. You will leave this session with clarity about blocks you encounter and homework specifically designed to address them.

Session 3: What will support me in living my purpose and making lasting changes?!

We will look at what is currently supporting you astrologically to move fully into living your purpose. Astrology gives us a window into energetic cycles that create openings or impediments to the expression of certain energies that impact our thoughts and behaviors. You will learn what influences are currently playing for you and how to maximize opportunities for growth. You will leave this session with a clear direction about next steps and practical strategies for integrating and implementing your new insights.

To learn more or purchase a purpose package (3 sessions for $1043), contact Kiki.