“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Kirsten Bailey Erickson | Seattle Integrative Psychotherapist

“Kiki has helped me to move out from under the depressive state I was in and build back my self confidence. She helped me to “feel” my feelings, taught me about boundaries and how to use them, and when I am in boundary failure. I can see more clearly how and when my buttons get pushed and that I get to choose how to react to them.”

“… has a varied approach. In my experience, she allows me to bring in whatever is bothering me and we work from there, she is excellent at reading energy and has been able to point to things I may not have been able to see or just haven’t noticed. We have done a variety of different types of treatment to get to the bottom of some issues, from EMDR to energy work.”

“She has helped me to get out of the victim mode and to stand up for myself. She has allowed me to see that other people’s opinions about me are not necessarily the truth.”

“Patient, calm and understanding! I appreciate your integration of meditation techniques and “spirituality” – feels more holistic rather than clinical. Whole mind and body approach. Overall wellness!” 

“Kiki has a mature and grounded presence. I feel comfortable and safe with her, like I can be totally honest and real about my feelings and my fears. She expresses a warmth and kindness that I have not experienced from other therapists, and I feel that I grow from every conversation we have. I am so grateful for Kiki’s insights and guidance over the past two years.”