Do you have a burning question about your life’s path?

Are you feeling stuck or uncertain about which road to take/decision to make?

Do you need support to dive deeper inside your psyche to access your own innate wisdom?

Welcome to the 4 Elements (4E) Process. 4E was created by world-renowned psychotherapist and astrologer, Debra Silverman. As a trained 4E facilitator, I will guide you through a powerful, transformational experience using the four elements of Water, Air, Earth and Fire.

This personal quest will empower you to find clarity, and the practical application to your life’s direction will guide you significantly to wake up to possibilities for the future.

During your 4E Process, you will be guided to observe your current interpretation of your situation from four different perspectives by embodying the archetypes of each of the elements. The process is designed to open a new range of understanding, intuition and insight for you, so you will begin to sense a new direction showing itself in your life.

The 4E Process will support you in making breakthroughs in relation to an important question in your life, or in discovering the question you can’t quite formulate, but know is in your unconscious awareness. It is especially effective for individuals who feel they are at an impasse in their life. The process offers practical applications to life situations and is a highly effective tool for both individuals and groups.

If you are interested in learning more about who you are, to unravel the mystery of you, and what is preventing your full expression, then the 4E Process is for you!

The 4E happens in person and is available by special request.  The fee is $800.   Contact me to learn more and schedule your session.

“4E was one of the most powerful, therapeutic experiences I’ve ever had. I felt like we took a journey straight to the core of what was keeping me from truly being me and developing myself. I was able to speak to different parts of me and able to see what I needed to do in order to bring all of those elements in balance together. I left feeling more connected to my true self and confident in the direction and actions I needed to take that would get me to my unique path in life.” — N