Newly launched website: Kirsten Bailey Erickson

Welcome to the newly launched website and blog of Integrative Psychotherapist Kirsten Bailey Erickson.

Kirsten Bailey Erickson, LICSW is a psychotherapist and clinical social worker with 15 years experience in the addiction and trauma fields. She has training in EMDR, Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine and Body Psychotherapy practices that are very effective in reducing the human stress response, calming the nervous system and improving decision-making and inner peace. She counsels a broad range of clients and is particularly adept at helping them to understand the impact of their early childhood attachment relationships on their adult relationships and their ability to navigate their lives effectively. Kirsten’s insightful, compassionate approach supports her clients in securing the hope that it is never too late to develop healthy, adult attachment relationships and to discover a greater depth of living, personal power and integrity.

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